Roll Up Gate Repair and Installation

Roll-up Gate NYC specializes in roll-up gate repair, it is our core competency. It does not matter what kind of roll-up gate you need to repair, you can count on us, we can help and help quickly. With more than 20 years of experience, whether it’s a rolling door, a garage door, roll-up door, high-speed sectional door or sliding gate.

We operate 24 hours day and night and ensure the security of your premises, home, factory, business, mall or parking lot around the clock. We also freshly install a wide range of top-quality roll-up gates with solid or see-through panels or grilles this type of roll-up gates made for both security and visibility.

24-Hours Gate Repair Service – Fast Response and Reasonable Prices

Our gate repair service vans are equipped with welders, vices, cutters and other specialized equipment and tolls as well as an inventory of roll-up gate parts. Our goal is to return your roll-up gate to the original operational service mode. This minimizes cost and downtime, so you can get back to business fast.


If you have a commercial roll-up gate that is critical to your business, we recommend you consider a maintenance plan. Roll-up Gate NYC will clean and lubricate your gate and inspect the integrity of the gate hardware and structure. This minimizes the risk of a roll-up gate error when you least expect. Regular service can also extend the life of your roll-up gate, reducing long-term costs and impact on your business. Call us and let us give you an estimate and advise on a maintenance plan for the roll-up gate of your business.

Roll-up Gates

Do you have a roll-up gate that needs to be repaired? a gate opener that needs to be replaced? a spring of roll-up gate that got broken? If so, then we are your number one choice for a roll-up gate repair company to call!
We carry a full line of roll-up and garage door parts to help you, and our skilled technicians know exactly what it takes to get your roll-up gate up and running again with zero problems along the way! Whenever you need a new roll-up gate motor or any other gate parts supplied and installed or replaced. When it comes to roll-up gate installations and repairs we’ve definitely got you covered! Call us today to ask for a free estimate for gate repair prices and maintenance costs for your current roll-up gate situation.


We have Roll-up gate and iron works technicians in the areas of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island and Manhattan NYC

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